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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nepalese Students abraod

Currently a huge number of Nepali youths are abroad studying and the number is increasing. The flow of Nepali students abroad has surged in recent years, making Nepal one of the major countries of origin for foreign students in western and Australian universities.
The United States tops the list of most preferred destination countries for Nepali students. In the academic year 2004/05 alone, 4,861 Nepali students went to US universities, up by 11 percent compared to the previous year.
The figure is growing so fast that Nepal is now amongst the top 25 countries (ranking 23rd) that send students to the US, and the fastest growing country of origin, according to a survey by US-based Institute of International Education (IIE). In other words, no other country matched Nepal's growth rate in 2005 for sending students to the US.
The United States Education Foundation (USEF), citing worldwide policy, refused to provide information about how many Nepalis actually applied for US student visas. But it did say that the foundation had 47,000 visitors in 2004
In visa fees (Rs 22,500 per student) and TOEFL registration fees (Rs 11,000 per individual) alone, students who went to the US in 2004/05 spent Rs 168.2 million. This does not include the money spent by students who appeared in the TOEFL and applied for visa but failed to make it to the US.
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