Friday, February 1, 2008

Gokarna Ausi(Father's Day)

Father is specially paid lot of reverence as the pillar of strength and support of family on the day of Gokarna Aunsi. The day is also known as Kuse Aunsi. It falls on the dark fortnight in the month August/ September.

On the day, ones children, staying nearer or farther, come with presents and show their gratitude and appreciation for his guidance and teaching in their life. Married daughters visit to their parent's home with delicacies. After the offering of gifts, they touch their father's feet with their foreheads , this act of veneration is done by the sons only , the daughters touch the hand. The ceremony is also known as "looking upon father's face".
People with or without fathers visited to shrine at Gokarna village and worship the Gokarneswor Mahadev, a sacred shrine of lord Shiva , renowned for his singularly close communion with the souls of dead. The fatherless people honour the memory of their fathers and promote welfare of his soul here.



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