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Monday, March 10, 2008

More free calling services

A new additions to the lsit


Callls have to be limited to 5 mins though. Check the website for list of countries.

Mobivox offers an advanced free global calling service. Set up a free account, all you need is a phone number (mobile, landline, etc) that is registered with the free service.
All calls made from your registered phone number are free.
You are required to call into a local access number, available in hundreds of cities around the world to make free calls.
Phone numbers you call for free need to be registered in your account in advance. Phone numbers you call to and from for free can be anywhere in US, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Mobivox uses advanced voice recognition in connecting calls, you just say the name of the contact you are calling and it dials the number automatically.You can also use the large numbers of Mobivox access numbers to call into other services that offer free global calling.For more information .


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