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Monday, March 10, 2008

Call Globally free with Reteku

Free calling with reteku
With a prepaid deposit of $9.95, you get 3 months of free global calling (phone to phone) between 40 countries ("free" locations). If the prepaid deposit is not used within 180 days to offset billable calls, it expires.PC to PhoneYou get up to 1200 minutes per month free (PC to Phone) calling to locations in 40 countries. If you make more than 1200 minutes calling to the free locations, regular rates apply. For those locations not included in the free calling zone, regular rates apply. Phone to PhoneFree minutes can also be used for phone-to-phone calling. You need to set up the call through the Raketu web site. You are limited to 600 minutes per month free (Phone to Phone) calling if both phones are in the Raketu free calling zones. If only one of the phones is in a Raketu free calling zone, you can talk for up to 1200 minutes on the free calling zone phone, and our regular low rate will apply to the phone not in the free calling zone. If both phones are not in the free calling zones, regular RakWeb rates apply.SMS Generated Calls new!You can now trigger a phone to phone call directly from your wireless phone by sending a text message to Raketu. You are limited to 600 minutes per month free (Phone to Phone) calling similar to the web generated call.The free minutes accrue with each payment (of as little as $9.95) you make. However, the minutes are not cumulative - 1200 minutes per month reset with every payment you make.For more information, go to


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