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Monday, March 10, 2008

Call Globally free with Reteku

Free calling with reteku
With a prepaid deposit of $9.95, you get 3 months of free global calling (phone to phone) between 40 countries ("free" locations). If the prepaid deposit is not used within 180 days to offset billable calls, it expires.PC to PhoneYou get up to 1200 minutes per month free (PC to Phone) calling to locations in 40 countries. If you make more than 1200 minutes calling to the free locations, regular rates apply. For those locations not included in the free calling zone, regular rates apply. Phone to PhoneFree minutes can also be used for phone-to-phone calling. You need to set up the call through the Raketu web site. You are limited to 600 minutes per month free (Phone to Phone) calling if both phones are in the Raketu free calling zones. If only one of the phones is in a Raketu free calling zone, you can talk for up to 1200 minutes on the free calling zone phone, and our regular low rate will apply to the phone not in the free calling zone. If both phones are not in the free calling zones, regular RakWeb rates apply.SMS Generated Calls new!You can now trigger a phone to phone call directly from your wireless phone by sending a text message to Raketu. You are limited to 600 minutes per month free (Phone to Phone) calling similar to the web generated call.The free minutes accrue with each payment (of as little as $9.95) you make. However, the minutes are not cumulative - 1200 minutes per month reset with every payment you make.For more information, go to

Rebtel - Free Global Calls


This service can be used with any landline or mobile phone in 39 countries. You are able to make free calls (for the price of a local phone call) to and from any of the "free" Rebtel Countries . Free Test CallYou can test the service with a free 10 minute call. You must register first to make the free call. Registration is free. If you like the service, you need to create a prepaid account with a deposit of at least $5 to offset billable calls.The first time you call someone using it, enter the person's number you are calling on the Rebtel site, and Rebtel will text or email you a local phone number to call. This then works every time you call that person. To Make Free Calls:
Enter the call Info. the first time you call someone using it, enter the person's number you are calling on the Rebtel site, and Rebtel will text or email you a local phone number to call. This then works every time you call that person.
Dial the local number. You're then connected to the person you're calling and should ask them to immediately hang up the phone and call the number they see displayed on their mobile caller ID. If they're on a landline, it will send them an e-mail for the first call, the same number's then useable each subsequent time. The number will be a local number in their country. You have only 15 seconds after the call is connected to do this.
Stay on the line. Don't disconnect when they do, just hold on, and once they dial the access number they'll automatically be connected through to you.
Direct Dial - If you fund your account with $5, you are able to direct dial any numbers in your contact list that are located in the free areas for free. The balance in your account does not change unless you call someone outside the free calling area. There's no limit to the number of free calls you can make via this system. Do make sure you use this call back system to grab your free calls though, if you don't you'll be charged Rebtel's usual rates.Register now for a free 10 minute call at

More free calling services

A new additions to the lsit


Callls have to be limited to 5 mins though. Check the website for list of countries.

Mobivox offers an advanced free global calling service. Set up a free account, all you need is a phone number (mobile, landline, etc) that is registered with the free service.
All calls made from your registered phone number are free.
You are required to call into a local access number, available in hundreds of cities around the world to make free calls.
Phone numbers you call for free need to be registered in your account in advance. Phone numbers you call to and from for free can be anywhere in US, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Mobivox uses advanced voice recognition in connecting calls, you just say the name of the contact you are calling and it dials the number automatically.You can also use the large numbers of Mobivox access numbers to call into other services that offer free global calling.For more information .

All about VOIP calling: Comparison and information

Information about VoIP products and companies

Voip means Voice Over Internet Protocol, and is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or any other IP-based network. Easier said; you can use your Internet connection to make a phone call. On this website you can find all information about the things you need to get started and which programs you can use to save money on domestic and international calls.

You can compare the worldwide VoIP rates of the most populair VoIP programs here.


The most popular program for VoIP in Europe is Skype. This software program is for free and enables people to make phone calls between computers that installed this program. It is also possible to make phone calls from a computer to a normal phone for a low rate. Therefore you have to buy credits for SkypeOut . You can also buy a SkypeIn number with Voicemail for EUR 10 per 3 months or EUR 30 per 12 months, it's possible to get a SkypeIn number in; Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. Skype also offers some nice features, skypecasts is the newest invention. These are hosted calls on Skype that up to 100 people can join to discuss on specific topics.

Yahoo! Voice

Yahoo Voice is a service offered by Yahoo that is integrated in the instant messaging system of Yahoo. Yahoo Voice can also be used to call to normal landlines and mobile phones.

Google Talk

Google talk is a VoIP program that can only be used to call from pc to pc.

Betamax GmbH

Betamax GmbH & Co KG A lot of popular programs are owned by Betamax GmbH & Co KG from Germany. They have a lot of different software programs, the only difference between these programs seems to be the rates; the application is similar.

Programs owned by this company are;,,,,,,,,,,, and Sipdiscount.

These programs make it possible to call for free between computers but you can also call to normal landlines for a fixed rate of 10 euro's per 4 months. For more information about the Betamax company visit our Betamax information page.


Webcalldirect is a service that can be used to establish a connection between normal landlines without installing any software program on your PC. You can fill in two numbers on their website; one number of the phone you are calling with and one of the person you want to speak to. You can try it for free for 3 minutes. If you want to use it for more than 3 minute calls you have to register. The conditions are the same as the other Betamax programs. Except that credit is already expiring after 90 days. With Webcalldirect you make TWO phonecalls at the same time. One to yourself and one to the other person, notice that you also have to pay for two calls if they are not made to free destinations.

Sipdiscount is a program offered by Betamax that can only be used in combination with a sip-device. For the correct configuration of your modem you can have a look at their website. is also a Betamax product. This one differs from The rates are different as shown in the table below, but also the costs are charged in English pence and not in euros.


Service of Neuf Telecom from France that can be used to make video-calls, pc-to-pc calls and calls from a pc to regular landlines and mobile numbers. The rates of calling with Wengo to regular landlines are now included in our list. Wengo has a special promotion action where you can get free calls until the 4th of September 2006 to the following destinations; Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Eire, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaï, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Moscow, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and the USA. To be able to call this destinations you have to buy EUR 10 of credits. BUT; these countries are devided into three groups. The first group of countries can only be called for a maximum of 2 minutes, the second group of destinations has a maximum of 5 minutes and the third has a maximum of 10 minutes per call. (source)

Live messenger

Formerly know as MSN messenger of the Microsoft corporation can now also be used to make calls to regular phones. You have to sign in for Verizon Web Calling if you want to use this feature. If you want to sign in for this feature you first have to download the new live messenger and choose the pc-to-phone option after starting the application.


Jajah is a VoIP provider, founded by Austrians Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes in 2005. The Jajah headquarters are located in Mountain View, CA and Luxembourg. Jajah, also referred to as web-activated telephony (comparable with Webcalldirect), is a simple approach to use VoIP with traditional phones and without the necessity to download and install software. Jajah Web initiates traditional phone-to-phone calls over the Internet. This allows the company to offer their services at comparatively low rates.


Gizmo Project was founded by Michael Robertson. Unlike its competitor network Skype, the Gizmo Project network uses open standards for call management, the Session Initiation Protocol and Jabber. But it uses several proprietary codecs, and the Gizmo Project client is closed source like Skype. The Gizmo Project is run by the company SIPphone.

Since the Gizmo Project is based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), it can interoperate with other SIP-based networks directly

What do you need to use VoIP?
You need five things before you can start using VoIP. Remember that the quality of the phonecall will depend on the quality of the software (like Skype) and the hardware (pc, internet connection) you are using.

A computer, minimum requirements; 300 MHz processor, 128MB RAM and a soundcard
An Internet connection, preferably a broadband connection
A headphone or speakers
A microphone
Another possibility is to buy a headset where a microphone is integrated into the headset.
A VoIP software program
Calling with Voipbuster by using a normal phone
There are solutions to call with the Betamax programs by using your normal telephone equipment. For an explanation about the configuration of your equipment we recommend you to visit this website;

Free North America Calling

Free Calls: North America, Phone To Phone

Featured Site:

Jaduka literally means simply: "getting down to business"

Call for free in North America: Phone-to-Phone free calling. Try it for free North America (USA) calls now, any number! This is a very simple and easy site to understand with NO twists or tails : )


Site Featured:

Whats in a name? but still what a sweet name is with a good layout of the site, featured above: DINGALING : )

Its the Canada based site which promises to give 5 Minutes of Free Calls within North America or Canada, even you dont need to have register for this 5 minuted free trial calling.

The Site Says:

" do not have to register an account in order to use the free trial. The trial is provided to users as a convenience to test the service risk free. If you are satisfied with the free trial period and would like to continue using the service once the time has expired, you will need to register an account with DingaLing..."

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Calling Nepal Free

I have collected a list of services and sites that you can use to make international calls for free. If you know of any other services, add them as comments.

1) provides free minutes for completing different offers

2) Free intarnational calling to many countries and new countries added continously

3) Internet Calling


6) Free trial
7) also offers free calls to numerous countries