Sunday, February 3, 2008

Youth of nepal and ICT

Youths are going to be leaders tomorrow. As technologies keep on improving and changing, youths too should keep pace with it.

The pace of development is so fast that Nepal has to work very hard to catch up. It is high time to understand that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the best tool for the empowerment of Nepali youth. ICT is one of the very important infrastructures that many countries used to become developed.

The lack of proper facilities and management has caused our youth community to lag behind. Many youths in Nepal are therefore going abroad for studies because over here they do not get what they want. Meanwhile, others who study here have a hard time finding job opportunities. ICT is the best way for today's youths to secure their future in their own country.

It is unfortunate that despite advancements in the field of technology, youths are still stuck to traditional forms of seeking knowledge. When youths across the globe are learning to design programs in their own laptops, our youths study about computer only in books. Now there is global competition for jobs. How can our youth compete with the youths of other developed countries when they are behind in everything?

Information and Communication Technology can act as a backbone to solve these problems. It is not that the people in the urban areas do not have access to technology. Since a few years, we can see youths from Kathmandu and other major cities using ICT for entertainment purpose, and to collect some materials they require.

It is the people in urban areas who can benefit more from ICT. We know that ICT can deliver potentially valuable information to everybody who has got internet access: it can be used to get information about market prices for poor rural farmers and medical advice for rural healthcare workers. However, market information is useless if there are no roads to transport goods, and medical advice is meaningless if there is no money to purchase medicines; so ICT is truly a luxury and a privilege that very few people can afford.

ICT can be used to help the underprivileged youth to attain computer and internet skills to increase their future prospects. Youths need to speak out on digital divide issues, mostly in rural areas of Nepal. Rural youths do not even have access to computer and those underprivileged youths never even know how the ICT can be used. We need proper plan and program for empowering these youths by providing effective ICT training which can help to decrease the unequal access of information and communications technology.

ICT skills are very important in today's world. Currently, all jobs require minimum basic ICT skills. It is through ICT that the youths can develop entrepreneurship in them.

If Nepali youths do not want to lag behind, every individual must be given access to the most influential technologies in the world.
By:Bhuwan Acharya
Source: Kantipuronline


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