Friday, March 7, 2008

Telemedicine eases life for patients

Source : kathmandu Post
DHANKUTA, Feb 29 - Days are gone for locals to walk for days to get to cities and queue up for hours in hospital for their turn. WIth the establishment of telemedicine service at Ramrittha of Leguwa VDC in Dhankuta district has been offering health care to many patients here, without having to visit the hospital on a regular basis.

Patients, who used to travel all the way to BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) in Dharan for checkups, now, could reach the doctors at BPKIHS from the village itself, thanks to the telemedicine service. Through internet the doctors conduct medical examination of the patients and also prescribe drugs that could be bought from the local clinic. A health worker is stationed to assist the patients.

With the establishment of this application, 76-year old Dilli Bahadur Katuwal, an asthma patient of Leguwa-4, is joyous as he no longer has to travel all the way to Dharan every month for checkups. "I used to visit Dharan every month for my checkups and usually my expenses would go above Rs. 1,000 every trip but now I can have the same service just for Rs.50," says Katuwal.

People from many areas here are benefiting from this service, established by BPKIHS three months ago


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