Sunday, January 27, 2008


In Country like Nepal, which has regularly alternated between democracies, dictatorship, autocracy, and semi-democratic rule; democratic or political stability is the biggest priority. This political stability and no other will help bring peace in Nepal and take Nepal back to the track of Development. I believe our political leaders have worked real hard to get us where we are now. In my opinion they are good at teamwork and joining hands and converging ideas if they need to go against a common enemy. This seems to have worked every single time there has been a crisis in Nepal. In the past political movements they worked hard to bring democracy. During, the April Movement even the Maoists joined hands with the political parties to overturn the Kings rule. Each of these times, they had a common enemy. But amazingly, every time after the common enemy is defeated the brothers that joined hands and were ready to sacrifice for each other are all of the sudden each other’s biggest enemy. This phenomenon always seems to puzzle me. it seems crystal clear that the leaders do not see any enemy as soon as the visual enemy is defeated. I still see an enemy, even with my inexperienced young eye. He is not clear to all but is visible to many. He is standing right in front of us and laughing at us. He is sitting in the middle of our development track and is betting nobody can remove him. He is right there smiling, as he is yet again successful in making brothers fight and even ready to kill each other. He is kicking at Mother Nepal and screaming, “ Your sons have failed you again”. “ Your sons are never going to see me”. I see this devil enjoying watching my motherland cry. I see this devil that is failing us.
So, I think its time we all see this devil and stand up and work together to defeat it. I think if our political leaders take off their shade of greed for power and money they will be able to see this devil too. I think if for once, they can clear up their heads with all that selfishness and feeling of superiority they will be able to see this devil too. As, we have seen in past our leaders are amazingly great at uniting against a common enemy, we just need to pray that they will see this common enemy before its too late.
I believe its still not too late to work together to eradicate this common enemy from roots. I believe from my heart that Mother Nepal has thousands, even millions, children in Nepal and abroad who will be delighted to heal her wounds. Youths will be ever excited to help lay those tracks of development back that the devil crushed.


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