Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is Army mobilization necessary for Peace in nepal??

An article from an outside source

> With increasing violence in different part of
> countries, whether it is terai or pahad, the chances
> of free, fair and peaceful election has been a
> symbol of day dream. In current scenario, mere
> mobilization of police and armed police force would
> not be sufficient to quell the consequences that
> seemingly appear during CA election.
> In one hand people are debating about the army
> mobilization and it has been voiced as conspiracy
> against terai movement. I opt different view in this
> regard. I believe army is just a structure & state
> force and can be mobilized at any time when needed.
> Especially during CA election it is a must. The
> reason why I am pointing out this is simple. Army is
> undoubtedly more reliable and efficient force than
> police/armed police force. I do not spell army
> should be mobilized only in terai because it would
> certainly disastrous for CA election in terai
> rather I would say, if mobilized it should be done
> in both terai and pahad equally.
> Since Maoists believe in power business and its
> wing, YCL thinks that certain districts are their
> personal property. I see Maoist and its wing YCL are
> greatest threat than struggling armed faction in
> terai Jwala singh or goit. Several examples can be
> tabled why YCL is a biggest threat for CA election.
> Whether it’s in case of obstruction during Sher
> bahadu deuba’s address in west or attack on Dilendra
> badu. On the top of that just recently Maoist
> revived their so called “people’s revolutionary
> council”. Although they name it differently and take
> it as alternative to local local bodies, reviving it
> ahead of CA election means a lot. The meaning could
> be to torture/kill people who do not support or vote
> them. The meaning could be to create the act of
> terror/havoc so that people should be forced to stay
> at home and only their supporter should vote or
> anything which garner their favour.
> Based on this scenario, army mobilization is a must
> to thwart their hidden interest. We have already
> seen police capability during recent incidents.
> Being a former minister or pri-minister they are
> unsafe, how can police give protection to thousands
> of leaders or poor people during CA election. The
> insufficiency of police force whether to protect
> leaders or capture YCL office taking more than 1 and
> half hour have been crystal clear examples why they
> can not provide security during CA.
> It is clear that going election to CA is inevitable.
> Despite terai problem still continues in pockets,
> the probability of going for election is certainly
> high. In that context if we do not mobilize army,
> more bloodshed can turn out rather than if army kept
> at barrack. Indeed, question will arise again
> against government if more bloodshed happens during
> election and if police could not provide adequate
> security. So, to protect people’s live and to have
> meaningful and peaceful CA election, army
> mobilization is a must.
> Regards
> Ajaya Jang Kunwar
> Ajaya Jang Kunwar
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