Saturday, February 16, 2008

May be the elections will happen this time around..

Chief Election Commissioner Bhoj Raj Pokhrel today urged the political parties not to indulge in any activity that might adversely affect the April 10 Constituent Assembly election.
Speaking after a workshop for providing training to election officers here in Banke district of mid-western Nepal, CEC Pokhrel told reporters: “Political parties should get serious and refrain from any activity that might adversely affect the CA polls.”
Referring to the election code of conduct, Pokhrel said: “There are so many instances of poll code violation such as graffiti on the walls. Those who have done this should erase the graffiti before April 10, otherwise the EC would take necessary action.” He also urged the people to refrain from doing anything that might have a negative impact on the election and asked them to work for creating a peaceful atmosphere for holding the polls.
Pokhrel also urged the government to strengthen security measures. He said that he had requisitioned 70,000 personnel for maintaining security during the polls and added that he was confident that the government would oblige. He also asked the government not to take too long in addressing the demands of various agitating groups in different parts of the country. Stating that the election would be the first step towards making a new Nepal, he said that the agitating groups should also be prepared to sacrifice a little in order to gain a lot.
Pokhrel expressed regret about the blast this morning at the EC’s regional office and said that it was the handiwork of vested interests opposed to the CA polls and who wanted to demoralise the election commission staff. He added that if all the 74 political parties registered with the EC, move forward on the basis of understanding, any hurdle could be surmounted.
“If there is no option, we will set up polling booths in schools like before. I have also requested the schools not to hold examinations around the poll date,” he said.


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