Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Election in Nepal

he Election Commission (EC) has made the closed-list of candidates for proportional representation based election public.

The EC has made public the list of 6000 candidates of 54 political parties.

The EC has allotted till March 25 for filing protests against any candidate.

The political parties were asked to file closed-list of their PR candidates by including specific percentage for Madhesis, Janajatis, women, Dalit and backward groups.

According to a press release by the EC, 3068 of the candidates in the list are women. There are 1981 Madhesi candidates; 680 Dalits; 2138 Janajatis; 183 from backward regions; and 1750 from other groups. "Since each individual might represent multiple groups, the total of these numbers might exceed the total number of the candidates in the closed-list," states the release.

The EC has stated that although 55 parties had filed closed-list, Rastriya Janabhawana Party has been disqualified for presenting flouting the legal provisions.

Of the total 601 seats of Constituent Assembly (CA), 335 candidates will be elected based on PR election.
Source : Nepalnews


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